5 Beginner Facts About Vaping

Some people are unsure what e-cigarettes are, and with that uncertainty comes questions about them in general. That said, vaping is much friendlier to the user than smoking a cigarette is, and it’s growing in popularity. Here are a few of our favorite facts about e-cigarettes.

1. No fire- Unlike their competition e-cigs have no actual fire, they run on battery. Running on battery means no smoke, which also means no odor and no smoke to inhale.

2. Nicotine- E-cigs are smoke and tobacco free but they do contain nicotine. Usually the juice in a e-cig is made up of flavorings and nicotine. The difference is the level of nicotine in e-cigs can be controlled by the user.

3. Reusable- E-cigs can be used repeatedly. Yes, they do require a small amount of maintenance and sometimes you might have to replace a piece or even upgrade to something else. Traditional cigarettes are gone after one use.

4. Cost- The cost of an e-cig is much less in the long run than traditional cigarettes. E-cigs have a greater startup cost, but in the end cost less because you have to refill less often.

5. Allowed in SOME Smoke-free Places- Yes, that’s right, you can vape in some smoke free locations. Some places are still against it but make sure to ask you might be pleasantly surprised with the number of places you can use them in.

As always please be respectful about your vaping when in public.  Let's set a good public image for the vape community!

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Tips To Stop Smoking and Switching To Vaping

Tips to stop smoking and switching to vaping. Smoking cigarettes is bad for our health. We know this but we just can’t stop it. We are addicted to cigarettes and quitting smoking is easier said than done. Even with vaping now available in the market it can still be difficult to quite smoking. But with time and perseverance you can quit and switch to vaping which is a healthier alternative. 

Tip #1)  Throw it in the garbage. To begin quitting you need to get rid of all cigarettes and just toss them in the garbage. Make sure there aren’t any left in the home, office, or car. This will force you with only one choice, to go to the store and buy cigarettes. This requires you to go the extra step before smoking and many will find this inconvenient.

Tip #2) Your mind needs to stay strong.  Many things are in the mind and this is one of them. Change your mindset about cigarettes and believe it is in fact bad for your health. Once you have done this over time and effort it will be easier to quit and to think like a non-smoker. Non-smokers do not like cigarettes and you should hate them too. Try associating cigarettes with negative thoughts, the horrible smell, and second-hand smoking where you harm others and yourself. Try it!

Tip #3) Find out what makes your relapse.  When you are trying to quit smoking it is easy to relapse. You need to figure out what makes you relapse and avoid them. It is common for people to smoke and drink at the same time. If this is you you can stop drinking while you are still on the process of quitting smoking. Stress is also a common reason for relapse. Find an alternative way to relieve stress by exercising or a hobby. You have the benefit of replacing a bad habit with a good habit.

Tip #4) Write a list.  Make a list of all the reason why you want to quit smoking and make it visible to be posted around the home and office. Make copies of it. Put a list in your pocket or purse. Remind yourself often and daily why you want to quit smoking.

Tip #5) Reward yourself.   Reward yourself whenever you achieved your goals. Treat yourself to a vacation, a movie, or a nice meal in efforts of quitting smoking. Being with small goals and small rewards.

Tip #6) Don’t be so hard on yourself.   If you didn’t resist the temptation and relapse along the process, try not to be too hard on yourself. These actions only worsen that situation. Keep trying! Learn from it and acknowledge the fact you are trying again.

Tip #7)  Try e-cigarettes.  A perfect way to quit smoking is through e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are designed and made to look like cigarettes. You can put it in your mouth, puff through, inhale/exhale the vapor.  They give you the same feeling and taste as smoking cigarettes but without the harmful ingredients. E-cigarettes are proven to help quit smoking. We suggest you make the switch to E-cigarettes. 

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Defending the Vape Trend!

To defend the vape trend there has been an increasing amount of reports and articles lately bashing the effectiveness and safety of electronic cigarettes.  It has become increasingly frustrating as the majority of these reports are built on very little facts and largely derived with influence from big tobacco and big pharmaceutical companies.  Here's an article to debunk just a few of the many myths surround electronic cigarettes. 
Why would big tobacco and pharma want to create a negative impression surrounding vaping? Well it's quite simple, particularly with big tobacco, as vaping has become an increasingly effective means allowing people to break free from traditional cigarettes after years and even decades of addiction. More people who make the switch to vaping means less money in the pockets of tobacco corporations. Same applies with pharmaceutical companies as people are choosing vaping as a means to escape cigarette addition instead of opting for prescriptions such as the nicotine patch and drugs like Chantix. Speaking of Chantix, have you ever read the side effects on that stuff? Scary! 
In turn when tobacco companies are loosing sales, that means the Government is losing money on the taxes associated with them. The fight against electronic cigarettes is all about politics and the corporate dollar, not the many false arguments claimed.  We always emphasize those in the vaping community to do their own research and search for the facts, not propaganda built off of judgment and greed! 
Stay educated and vape on!
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