2015 In Review: Best Sub Ohm Tanks

Well folks 2015 is quickly coming to an end. This year the vape industry continued to grow and technology has made leaps and bounds in the right direction. Rest assured, 2016 is sure to bring us continued excitement as we're introduced to the latest and greatest that the vaping world has to offer. One of the biggest trends in 2015 was the huge rise of sub ohm tanks. Many experienced vaper’s have ditched their RDA’s for the more user friendly sub ohm tank option.

This years tank craze has been nothing short of impressive. We’ve decided to compile a list of our five best selling sub ohm tanks at Vapor Villa in 2015. Maybe you've had or are currently using one of these. Looks like you made a good choice!


Honorable Mention – Sense Herakles


The Herakles by Sense couldn't quite crack the top five but none the less it was still a very hot product for 2015. The overall design and functionality of this tank made for an awesome vaping experience. Efficient use in the 30 – 100 watt range made the Herakles a solid option for all types of vaper’s.  Even better, Sense recently release the newest version the Herakles Plus

#5 – Horizon Arctic


The Arctic by Horizon splashed on to the scene relatively early in the sub ohm tank trend. However, the Arctic was one of the original tanks capable of handling power up to 100 watts! Quickly becoming a hot item among cloud chasers.

#4 – SMOK TFV4


The TFV4 by SMOK came on late in 2015 but it came with a lot of buzz. Capable of handling power up to 150 watts was somewhat unheard of at the time for a tank. Equipped with some unique coil options such as a triple, quad, sextuple, and clapton coils made this tank a game changer!

#3 – Joyetech Delta II


Joyetech was relatively quiet in the tank market for 2015 compared to some other brands. However, they had a big hit with the Delta II tank. An all around good tank for a variety of users made this a popular option. A solid vape could be had with the Delta II in the 25 - 50 watt range.

#2 – Aspire Atlantis


The Atlantis by Aspire paved the way for all those who have followed. Call the Atlantis the God Father of sub ohm tanks. This tank literally changed the vape game for the better when it hit the market following its highly anticipated debut. As the first true sub ohm tank it blew minds when for the first time the same great flavor and large vapor production was being created from something other than an RDA. Thank you, Aspire. The vape game forever owes you one!

#1 – Kanger Subtank Mini


As one of the biggest brands in the industry, it was a no brainer for Kangertech to jump into the sub ohm tank market. The Kanger Subtank burst onto the scene with a lot of hype originally releasing the full size Subtank. Quickly followed by a smaller version the Subtank Mini and lastly the smallest version the Subtank Nano. All options were relatively popular, however, it was the midsized option in the Subtank Mini that proved to be #1 amongst the masses. Well done, Kanger. Well done!


It looks like 2015 was a good one. Cheers to 2016!

Vape on!

December 27, 2015 by Vapor Villa
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Jimmy S

Jimmy S said:

Love my subtank kit!

Zach S.

Zach S. said:

Good list I enjoy seeing all the different top 5’s and 10’s. I have an Arctic and agree with it being in every top 5 list. I’ll give you my list just if anyone cares to take a look.
#5- Horizon Arctic
#4- TFV4 Mini
#3- Horizon Arctic V8
#2- Herakles Plus
#1- Uwell Crown


Jack said:

Thank you for the review and ranking the top brands out there. I myself use Aspire Atlantis and I cannot ignore the benefits and comfort it has given to my vaping.

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