Why Vaping Doesn't Work For You

The vape industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries in America and arguably one of the fastest growing industries in history. Yay! Vaping has certainly proved to be a highly successful means of quitting traditional cigarettes. While it has been a successful alternative for many it hasn’t been able to completely do the trick for some. So today we’re going to discuss why it may not be working for some of those who have jumped (or tried) into the world of electronic cigarettes.

Vaping provides elements to current smokers that tradition smoking cessation methods do not. Such as fulfilling the physical hand to mouth habit and providing the “smoking” sensation via inhaling and exhaling vapor. Traditional forms of smoking cessation such as the patch, nicotine gum and Chantix drugs only provide users with nicotine and chemical disruptions in an attempt to decrease the desire for a cigarette. However, most cigarette users know it is the entire experience that needs to be satisfied, not just nicotine.

So with all that said why has vaping not done the trick for all that have tried? First and foremost to accomplish any goal such as quitting tobacco, there has to be an element of will power. Individuals must approach vaping with a mindset made up to give quitting an honest shot. The greatest smoking cessation device in the world (vaping in my opinion) will fall short if the user doesn't have an actual desire to quit!

Well what about those who do truly want to quit smoking but vaping still isn’t doing the trick? The first thing I recommend is accessing the vaping device you’re using. Not all new vapers, but a large amount do start off with an entry level type of starter kit. This usually consist of a lower powered battery and tank setup. While these type of devices do satisfy many users initially, for some it doesn’t provide a satisfying enough experience. Resulting in the user resorting back to cigarettes. In cases like this I strongly recommend upgrading to a higher powered device. Perhaps a regulated device with a 30 – 60 watt power range paired with a sub-ohm style tank for increased vapor production. Prices of course can very depending on the exact product, but can usually be had for around $60 - $115 for a complete set up. A bit of sticker shock but truly worth it in my professional opinion. In dealing with countless customers I often hear a response along the lines of “I couldn’t get off cigarettes until I upgraded my vape to this (more advanced setup).”

Pictured is the Kanger Subox Mini kit, a perfect example of an upgraded system that will likely do the trick. While there are several devices to consider, this one is highly recommended due to its simple use and strong performance. The Kanger Subox Mini retails at Vapor Villa for just $84.99! An added bonus to vapes such as this and others is that the increased vapor production will likely allow you to decrease the nicotine level in the e-juice you are using. This is for the simple fact that your once desired level of nicotine may no longer be needed due to the increased strength of the vapor "hit" you will be receiving. While this will be the case for many but necessarily everyone. I wish you all the best in your fight against quitting tobacco. Let’s move forward to a healthier living for yourself and your loved ones. With all that being said, if you’re struggling with vaping I strongly consider investing in a better setup. You will likely be extremely happy you did!

Vape on!


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Yup. Having touched a cig since I got my Subox kit! Loving the white one, it’s so pretty lol


Great read. It’s very true. I was still smoking some until I got an istick 50 was and an Atlatus tank. Cigarette free since!!


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