Best Selling E-Liquids | Aug 19

Want to know what's good and hot? Look no further. Check out the best selling E-Liquids at Vapor Villa right now! Comprised of the top 5 standard e-liquids and the top 5 salt nicotine e-liquids.



#5: Breezy Shake by Milkshake Liquids

Breezy Shake has a thick inhale of delicious of a sip of milkshake, and each exhale a fruity strawberry delight.


#4: Golden Wafer by Wafer E-Liquids

Golden Wafer is here to prove which cookie really is King with this spot on goodness of sweet cream stuffed between two vanilla crisp cookies.


#3: Very Cool by Naked 100

Menthol and berries, a classic combination for lovers of minty vapes. This tasty e-juice exhibits notes of sweet blueberries, rich blackberries, and sour raspberries with a satisfying menthol finish.


#2: Polar Breeze by Naked 100


Cantaloupe with honeydew and chilled with a lovely dose of menthol. A cooling effect fruit flavor that you'll love time and time again. Get your melon on.


#1: Charlie's Custard by Charlie Noble 

Vanilla custard with savory baked crust. So darn good!



#5: Polar Breeze by Naked 100

Sweet and tart pineapple, rich cantaloupe, and smooth honeydew slices, blending them into an ultra satisfying fruity frozen concoction.


#4: Very Cool by Naked 100

Takes freshly picked blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries blended up and add a cool menthol.


#3: Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady

A delicious lemon curd sits atop a meringue flavored crust. A true dessert one would expect to only find at the finest of diners!


#2: Red's Mango Iced by 7 Daze

A burst of silky sweet delicious mango paired with your favorite apple juice and menthol ice.


#1: Spearmint Gum by I Love Salts

Spearmint Gum will trick your taste buds into thinking you’re actually chewing on a refreshing stick of actual Spearmint Bubblegum





August 21, 2019 by Vapor Villa

Top 10 E-Liquids at Vapor Villa (Oct '16)

We haven’t done our Top 10 E-Liquid list in a while so it’s time to bring it back! The market is flooded with delicious flavors and it can be a bit overwhelming honestly. Taste is subjective but let us present the Top 10 Best Selling E-Liquids at Vapor Villa right now!

Let’ have a look…


#10: Naked 100 – All Melon

Naked 100 is arguably the hottest fruit flavored line of 2016! All Melon is one of their newer products and it did not disappoint. This juice combines perfectly ripened cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon for one of the tastiest Naked 100 flavors yet.


#9: Monster Liquids – Cake Monster


Cake Monster came in hot and customers have been eating, I mean vaping it up! The perfect cakey strawberry vape. A rich tres leches, butter cake soaked in evaporated milk, condensed milk & heavy cream--topped with strawberries! 


#8: Naked 100 – Hawaiian POG

We told you Naked 100 has some killer fruit flavors. Super refreshing, Hawaiian POG was a great summer flavors but now proven to be great all year round! The perfect tropical blend of Passion fruit, Orange, & Guava!


#7: Sqeez Liquids – Strawberry Lemonade

We’ve had some great lemonade flavors here at Vapor Villa but Strawberry Lemonade by Sqeez has quickly made its mark. Not too strawberry, not too lemony, but just right. Got it? Good!


#6: Naked 100 – Lava Flow

Ok this is getting predictable! One of the original flavors from the Naked 100 line and a huge fan favorite. Grab some of this super clean and natural tasting liquid ASAP. This delicious tropical flavor combination of fresh strawberries, coconut, and pineapple intoxicate the senses and seduce the taste buds.


#5: Milkshake Liquids - Bananza Shake

The milkshake King, Milkshake liquids has this fruit and cream thing down! Bananza Shake is one of their latest hits. Grab the blender and toss in some ripe bananas and scoops of fresh creamy vanilla ice cream. Or just come grab a bottle of this stuff instead. No clean up required.


#4: Milkshake Liquids – Breezy Shake

Yup more milkshake please. This strawberry flavor really separates itself from 9 Million (solid estimate, maybe?) of strawberry flavors on the market. Breezy Shake has a thick inhale of delicious creamy milkshake, and exhale of fruity strawberry delight!


#3: Uncle Junk’s - Jon Wayne

Jon Wayne just wont die. The original and still King OG flavor at Vapor Villa. This flavor has been on our shelves for almost 3 years! Trust when I say that is almost unheard of. Insanely unique taste. Delicious blend of light tobacco flavor covered in sweet and savory tones.


#2: Charlie Noble – Charlie’s Custard

Jon Wayne would be proud to name this guy the baby OG. Charlie’s Custard has been a long time solid performer at this point. Another very unique blend of deliciousness. Enjoy this vanilla custard with a savory baked crust.


So darn good!  Drum roll please…….


#1: Golden Cookie E-Liquid – Golden Cookie

The cookie King is also King of this list! Golden Cookie has been absolute fire since earlier this year and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. A flavor that is simply not too much of anything, but just enough of everything at the same damn time! Based off the classic cookie snack that occasionally gets lost in the shadow of its chocolate counterpart. Golden cookie is here to prove which cookie really is King with this spot on goodness of sweet cream stuffed between two vanilla crisp cookies.


Hope you all enjoyed the read. Be sure to give these flavors a try, they’re certainly worth it.

Until next time. Vape on!

October 04, 2016 by Vapor Villa

Promote Your Thing: MS Awareness

Hey Folks!

So as some of you know, here at Vapor Villa, we’ve recently kicked off our first campaign of “Promote Your Thing.”  It’s our chance to help our customers who’ve helped us by using our platform to shed light on something special in someone’s life.  First up is Melissa Stevens.  Melissa is customer at our Eldersburg, MD location and was kind enough to share her story with us.  Here’s what she had to say.

Melissa's Story


“Hello! My name is Melissa Stevens. I'm a 26-year-old Mother of 2 (Payton 4yo, Carter 7m). September of 2006 I was in a bad auto accident. I was the third car back at a green light in a 1999 Honda Prelude. An F150 pick up truck decided he was going to run a red light because he was "Having a bad day.”  I was immediately knocked unconscious and drove up the curb into a tree. My little sister was also in the car with me, but walked away with a scratch. I was rushed to the hospital, and many thought I wasn't going to live. Preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. I was given many MRI and CT scans. I had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) with lots of bleeding in my brain. But I beat the odds and survived. The next few months weren't easy and I don't remember a lot that happened. My life was just a blur. But I also think it was a blessing in disguise.

 As I got older I had constant headaches and numbness. So in 2011, I went to my Neurologist who made me get a few more MRI scans. The results showed MS (Multiple Sclerosis). So I went home and began to google. MS is a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord. The immune system attacks the protective sheath that covers nerve fibers and causes communication problems between your brain and spinal cord. Eventually, the disease can cause the nerves themselves to deteriorate or become permanently damaged.

Like many others when you see me you have no idea anything is wrong. Last year, while 9 months pregnant, I took part in my first MS walk. My team, ‘Hear Me Roar’ made 2nd place raising $2000, and I made 5th place in top participants raising $1000. I signed up a month before the walk and I wasn't expecting to raise nearly that much. This year I am starting earlier in hopes to raise even more! In hopes to raise more awareness and more testing opportunities. In hopes to make MS stand for Mystery Solved. I believe with your help and others I have a better chance in making all that possible! Thank you for your time! And ill see you soon when I run out of space rocks ;-).”



Let's Help!


What a story!  Every little bit counts in fights like these so Vapor Villa is happy to kick off 2016 by helping Melissa and her team raise awareness to MS.  After all you just never know when someone close to you could be affected by MS.  We’ve happily donated to get things rolling and we respectfully ask that anyone who can donate to the cause as well to please do so!  Also, please feel free to share this story in hopes of bringing further awareness.

All donations to Melissa’s team can be made here:



Vapor Villa

January 11, 2016 by Vapor Villa

2015 In Review: Best Sub Ohm Tanks

Well folks 2015 is quickly coming to an end. This year the vape industry continued to grow and technology has made leaps and bounds in the right direction. Rest assured, 2016 is sure to bring us continued excitement as we're introduced to the latest and greatest that the vaping world has to offer. One of the biggest trends in 2015 was the huge rise of sub ohm tanks. Many experienced vaper’s have ditched their RDA’s for the more user friendly sub ohm tank option.

This years tank craze has been nothing short of impressive. We’ve decided to compile a list of our five best selling sub ohm tanks at Vapor Villa in 2015. Maybe you've had or are currently using one of these. Looks like you made a good choice!


Honorable Mention – Sense Herakles


The Herakles by Sense couldn't quite crack the top five but none the less it was still a very hot product for 2015. The overall design and functionality of this tank made for an awesome vaping experience. Efficient use in the 30 – 100 watt range made the Herakles a solid option for all types of vaper’s.  Even better, Sense recently release the newest version the Herakles Plus

#5 – Horizon Arctic


The Arctic by Horizon splashed on to the scene relatively early in the sub ohm tank trend. However, the Arctic was one of the original tanks capable of handling power up to 100 watts! Quickly becoming a hot item among cloud chasers.

#4 – SMOK TFV4


The TFV4 by SMOK came on late in 2015 but it came with a lot of buzz. Capable of handling power up to 150 watts was somewhat unheard of at the time for a tank. Equipped with some unique coil options such as a triple, quad, sextuple, and clapton coils made this tank a game changer!

#3 – Joyetech Delta II


Joyetech was relatively quiet in the tank market for 2015 compared to some other brands. However, they had a big hit with the Delta II tank. An all around good tank for a variety of users made this a popular option. A solid vape could be had with the Delta II in the 25 - 50 watt range.

#2 – Aspire Atlantis


The Atlantis by Aspire paved the way for all those who have followed. Call the Atlantis the God Father of sub ohm tanks. This tank literally changed the vape game for the better when it hit the market following its highly anticipated debut. As the first true sub ohm tank it blew minds when for the first time the same great flavor and large vapor production was being created from something other than an RDA. Thank you, Aspire. The vape game forever owes you one!

#1 – Kanger Subtank Mini


As one of the biggest brands in the industry, it was a no brainer for Kangertech to jump into the sub ohm tank market. The Kanger Subtank burst onto the scene with a lot of hype originally releasing the full size Subtank. Quickly followed by a smaller version the Subtank Mini and lastly the smallest version the Subtank Nano. All options were relatively popular, however, it was the midsized option in the Subtank Mini that proved to be #1 amongst the masses. Well done, Kanger. Well done!


It looks like 2015 was a good one. Cheers to 2016!

Vape on!

December 27, 2015 by Vapor Villa

Is Nicotine Really Addictive?

Everyone knows that nicotine is the most addictive substance in tobacco cigarettes, right? Right?  You may find yourself thinking “Well yeah of course, I think so.”  However, due to the common notion that nicotine is highly addictive, maybe we haven’t really questioned that enough.   Now that notion has many people clamoring about the dangers of vaping since it is still a form of nicotine delivery.   Some say in regard to vaping “What’s the difference?  You’re still getting nicotine so it’s still bad for you!”  

Is it though? 



It’s certainly worth some thought on how addictive is nicotine in and of itself?  Tobacco cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals, 50 in which are known to be cancer causing.  Perhaps nicotine only becomes addictive as part of the overall cigarette when in combination with these other chemicals.  

If nicotine by itself is so addictive, then it leaves some questions when it comes to vaping.  For example, why is it a common trend that the majority of vaper’s reduce the nicotine level in their e-juice over time?  Some even do so rather quickly. 

A very informative video from does a great job at highlighting some of these questions.  Check it out and see where you stand on the debate.



December 08, 2015 by Vapor Villa

Winter Vaping Tips

Holiday season is in full effect and that means that temperatures are dropping quicker than Santa down a chimney.  With that being said, during the colder months there are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to vaping that delicious bottle of lemon pound cake or whatever it is you love so much.

Winter Battery Issues

Frigid temperatures and electronics are never a good mix as it can result in a lack of performance.  The most common issue is when e-juice and vape devices are left in a cold car for an extended period of time.  It is well know that the cold can greatly affect battery performance.  Not only will it decrease the charge capacity of your battery but the increased internal resistance due to low temps can decrease the power output as well. Especially for you cloud chasers as it will turn your fear of voltage drop into a reality.  Fun fact: Below -4º F lithium based batteries stop working entirely, although they can be used again once their temperature is restored.

The Juice Effect

Cold temperatures can greatly impact your juice as well.  While the cold likely will not permanently damage your juice the way heat can, there are still a few reasons to keep it out of the cold if at all possible.  The PG content in your juice will typically keep the liquid from freezing, however the cold will increase the viscosity making it extremely thick. This becomes quite the problem making it very tough for coils to properly wick the liquid when in use. Causing dry hits and prematurely burning out your 1 day old coil.  No fun!  If you’ve found yourself with a bottle of juice that’s been left in the cold, simply place it in a room temperature environment until it thins back out to its normal consistency.  Give it a good shake and then vape away.  Do not try to “heat” it back up as this will likely damage the liquid.  

Tank Troubles

Just as heat makes materials expand, the cold makes them contract.  This may sometimes cause leakage from your tank.  Tanks are equipped with a few rubber o-rings which help seal gaps and prevent leakage.  However, when these and other materials contract due to the cold it may allow excess liquid to seep through.  No one likes reaching for their vape only to then have a hand covered in juice!

How To Vape In The Cold

What if I have to be out in the cold for an extended period of time and need my vape? Are you saying I'm out of luck? Of course not, however you should certainly take some steps to minimize the impact from the cold.  Simply try to keep your juice and vape device packed in some warm layered material when not on use.  Always practice battery safety when storing and traveling with loose batteries such as a pair of 18650’s. Do so by placing them in a plastic battery case or other units that keeps the top and bottom contacts from touching any other metal objects.  Be sure to NEVER store your batteries in any sort of warming source such as hand warmers.  Applying direct heat to batteries is always a big no-no!  It’s recommended that when using a variable power device to turn your power down to help preserve battery life as battery life will already be sacrificed due to the cold.  This will also help your coil as it tries to properly wick juice that is now thinker then normal due to the cold.  Use these tips so you can continue to enjoy your vaping experience 24/7, 365!

November 29, 2015 by Vapor Villa

Top 6 Fall Flavors















Well folks Fall is in the air. Temperatures are dropping, people are breaking out the hoodies and Starbucks is selling a million (wild guess) Pumpkin Spice Latte’s a minute. So of course for us vaper's we need a great Fall flavor to compliment the season. We’ve decided to compile a quick list of the top 6 Fall flavors available at Vapor Villa.

#6 – Angry Whale Creations | Apple Flippers

Apples and cinnamon are always a great combination for the season, right? Of course they are. So put on some sweats stay warm and enjoy this delicious crispy apple cinnamon strudel pastry flavor!

#5 – The Vapor Hut | Wookey Cookie

Let’s be honest, cookies are great any time of the year but they feel a little more perfect this time of year. Wookey Cookie delivers a savory flavor made up of a graham cracker cookie topped with whip cream and a caramel drizzle. Caramel was meant for the Fall.

#4 – Charlie Noble | Soller’s Pointe

Tobacco flavor made the list? Yup, but Soller’s Pointe is not your traditional tobacco flavored vape. Mostly due to the fact that it really doesn’t resemble tobacco flavor much at all. Instead a hearty dose of smooth and creamy with bursts of banana, vanilla, caramel, and a hint of tobacco will more than satisfy your taste buds.

#3 – Beard Vape Co. | No. 32

You had me at funnel cake. That’s right, No. 32 is a delicious and super flavorful cinnamon funnel cake. Warm up with the thought of a hot funnel cake fresh out of the fryer being smothered in cinnamon sugar.

#2 – Meme Vapor | Good Guy Greg

The weather is getting colder but ice cream has no seasonal boundaries, duh! After a hardy Fall meal you’ve got to enjoy some dessert. Good Guy Greg provided farm fresh vanilla ice cream mixed with cinnamon churro sticks and sugar cone bits. This flavor may have you eating dessert before your meal. Live on the edge a little.

#1 – Boosted | Rear Diff

Drumroll please………Rear Diff! The King of Fall is here. Hands down the hottest flavor of the season. Rear Diff has mastered the pumpkin flavored liquid. A sweet and creamy pumpkin spice latte that will have you cutting back on the Starbucks for this stuff instead. Most pumpkin flavors have too much spice taste, not this one as the sweet cream keeps it in check! A must have.


There you have folks the best Fall flavors now available at Vapor Villa!  Embrace the season with a tasty new vape today.

October 08, 2015 by Vapor Villa

Vapor Villa's Hottest Juices (Sep 2015)

Every vaper is always looking for the latest and greatest, best tasting e-juices but with so many options in the e-liquid world it can be tough to find a winner. We decided to help you out by putting together a list of our current Top 10 selling juices for September 2015. Some may be around for only a quick 15 minutes of fame, some may be here for the long haul. Regardless, all are certainly worth a try!

#10 -  Meme Vapor | Good Guy Greg

Farm fresh vanilla ice cream mixed with cinnamon churros and sugar cone bits.

Good Guy Greg would be higher on list but since it's only been on our shelves for two weeks it was only able to crack the top 10. None the less it's quickly become a fan favorite. Great fall flavor!

#9 - Ruthless | EZ Duz It On Ice

Juice strawberry watermelon blend with menthol kick.

EZ Duz It On Ice has been a Vapor Villa staple for a while now. However, as of late it seems to have a surge in popularity. Must try for menthol lovers.

#8 - Cloud Sauce Vape Co | Cereal Milk Reloaded


Your favorite childhood cereal with a strawberry twist.

It's big brother, the original Cereal Milk is King at Vapor Villa. The reloaded version is not too shabby at all. In fact it's damn good!

#7 - Charlie Noble | Fruit on the Bottom

Sweet fruits picked at the peak of ripeness, and then complemented with a creamy, tangy, fresh yogurt..

Charlie Noble released their yogurt line a little while back. Fruit on the Bottom quickly became popular and it's fan base is sharply rising. Great flavor to compliment the recent yogurt flavor craze.

#6 - Lost Art | Space Rockz

Strawberry Kiwi Pop Rocks candy.

Space Rockz continues to be one of the best fruit and candy flavors on the market. It has a long list of loyal customers enjoying it's goodness!

#5 - Charlie Noble | Charlie's Custard

A rich, silky custard, homemade with a perfect balance of vanilla and baked crust.

Charlie’s Custard remains at the number 5 spot for the second consecutive month. Make's perfect sense as the word consistency always comes to mind with this juice.

#4 - Charlie's Chalk Dust | Slamberry

Farm fresh homemade strawberry ice cream.

Last month Slamberry narrowly made the list as it rounded out number 10 on the list. Always a go to juice for many, it seems to be gaining even more fans.

#3 - The Vapor Hut | Wookey Cookie

Graham cracker cookie topped off with whip cream and caramel drizzle.

The name is always comical and the juice is even better. Not an easy flavor to get tired of, even for those who vape it religiously.

#2 - Uncle Junk’s | Jon Wayne


A unique blend of sweet and savory tobacco.

When will this juice die off? Seriously. Jon Wayne is one of the original premium flavors at Vapor Villa since we opened our doors almost two years ago. Legend!

#1 - Cereal Milk | Cloud Sauce Vape Co

Enjoy sweet and fruity bits from your favorite childhood cereal covered in creamy milk.

"The Champ is here!" Once again. Yes, Cereal Milk has again rose to the top for the second month in row. No surprise really, the flavor is exceptional even among a saturated market of cereal flavors. If you haven't tried this flavor, you absolutely should!


There it is folks, our Top 10 E-Liquids of September 2015! We had some flavors the remained on the Top 10 from last month and couple new comers. Keep an eye on Meme Vapor as it seems their flavors are catching fire and will likely be on next months Top 10. Cloud Sauce Vape Co is killing the cereal flavor game at the moment. Big kudos to those guys!.  

Thanks for reading our monthly Top 10 E-Liquid List. 

Vape on!

September 21, 2015 by Vapor Villa

Coil Craziness - Thoughts About the Coil Craze

"What build you got in there, bro."

This is a statement heard around the globe in local vape shops on a daily basis. Coil building is a skill that many vapers practice on a daily basis. But why is there such an obsession with who can build the craziest coils? Shouldn't function trump fashion in this area? We did some research on the most popular builds, their users, and whether they do in fact provide more vapor and flavor or if they are just for showboating. 

1. Parallell Coil

This is a very common build used by many advanced vapers. It provides solid flavor and vapor production and very quick heat ramp up. It doesn't really take a special kind of vaper to use this coil. It's pretty standard. 

2. Inception Coil

We don't see too many of these come through the shop. Probably because they are a pain to build and you can get better performance with less effort from just about any other build. The Inception Coil is a "bro dude build" according to our extensive research.

3. Clapton Coil

This can be difficult for the new coil builder but it's definitely worth the effort. What built correctly the Clapton Coil puts out huge clouds and crispy flavor. The only real drawback is that they drink juice like a thirsty Armadillo (Armadillos drink a lot of juice, in case you didn't know). Overall, the Clapton Coil is an excellent build for nearly every situation.

4. Triple Parallell Coil

This one is pretty much not worth the effort. Just do a clapton instead. 

5. Quad Parallell Build

No, just no!

6. Micro Coil

Ok, back to reality. The Micro Coil is an excellent build for new vapers and those who like to keep things nice and easy. Our Coil Build Personality Profile System indicates that Micro Coil users are generally not risk takers, prefer stability over change, and wear glasses. 

7. The Diamond Coil

You get the same surface area with two standard 8 wrap coils, so... What's the point?

8. Vertical Coil

Some people say this build lets the juice flow into the coil easier, making a better vaping experience. These coils work pretty good in RDAs like the 454 Big Block or, according to some people, in the Hobo v2.1. 

9. Triple Betty Crab Coil

This coil is so rare that we have never seen it before. Legend has it that this coil was once built built by Rip Trippers but it put out so much vapor that the fire department had to be called out to the scene. The coil design was quickly locked away from the general public and all video evidence destroyed. 


Some notable coils worth mentioning are Stove Top Coils, Fused Clapton Coils, and Twisted Kanthal Coils. 

With temp control devices sweeping the market, we are wondering if people will continue to place a heavy focus on standard Kanthal builds. It seems that the coil craze has hit it's peak as even Rip Trippers has ran out of coil ideas. What's your favorite build and why? Tell us in the comments below. 

September 16, 2015 by Vapor Villa

How to Convince Your Grandmother (or anyone) to Switch to E-Cigs

Seeing loved ones puff away on nasty cigarettes can be pretty hard on you. It's also especially difficult to convince someone who has been smoking for the past 80 years (think Grandma) to make a significant change in their lifestyle. At Vapor Villa, we want to see people live longer and more productive lives so we decided to put together this guide that will help you convince people to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping.

Everybody knows somebody who smokes, and more often than not, the smokers are the ones closest to you. Whether they're a parent, a sibling, your child, or even your spouse, you can help them stop smoking by giving them information about vaping. But if you aren’t already an e-cig user, this can be a difficult task. This guide was designed with the non vaper in mind to guide you through this process.

Step #1 - Know what you're talking about

To introduce a smoker to e-cigarette, you need to be generally familiar with what e-cigs actually are and how they work. Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor from an e-cigarette, more commonly known as a Personal Vaporizer or shortened to: Vaporizer, Vape, or just PV. A vaporizer heats up E-liquid (a mixture of VG (Vegetable Glycerin), PG (Propylene glycol), Nicotine, and Flavoring) until it produces a vapor. The heated vapor is then sucked out of the device, into the user's lungs, and then exhaled.

There are tons of articles about the safety of vaping, side effects, and risk associated with vaping. The short version of those articles is: Second hand vapor is not harmful and they are, without a doubt, safer than traditional cigarettes. An extensive knowledge of vaping is not required for you to introduce a loved one, however having a firm grasp on the basic function of a vape device will help out tremendously.


Before you can convince your loved one to make the switch, you have to be confident that your method will actually work. There are thousands of stories by people who have quit smoking by using e-cigarettes. 

The reason e-cigarettes are so effective is: Vaping possess many of the same appeals of smoking. 

Such as:

1. Nicotine - It is delivered in a way that gives the user a ‘throat hit’ very much like the one felt while smoking.

2. The physical aspects of vaping is similar to smoking and allows a smoker to satiate their oral fixation.

3. The social aspect. Smokers enjoy their smoking circle and vapers generally enjoy meeting other vapers.

Simply put, if someone wants to stop smoking, vaping is an effective way to do it. 

Step #3: Get your smoker a starter kit
  2. I repeat, DO NOT get them an e-cig that looks like a REGULAR cigarette.

These are known as cig-a-likes and they absolutely terrible. Cig-a-likes are essentially a marketing ploy to get smokers to try them out. They are horribly ineffective and you will notice that many cig-a-like manufacturers are also part of the big tobacco conglomerate. Do not waste time or money on these things.

Now that we have established not to get a cig-a-like, let’s look at what you should get! The easiest things to do would be to get an all inclusive starter kit. We sell them here.

  • Make sure there are two batteries. You don’t want the smoker to go back to cigarettes because his only battery is dead.
  • Always avoid kiosks in the mall. These are the most overpriced and are generally poor quality.
  • Do not buy the craziest, most expensive, sophisticated mod you can find. You want them to have a vape that they can use immediately so it needs to be simple.
  • Conversely, do not buy the cheapest starter kit you can find. The higher the quality of the equipment, the less likely they are to run into problems, and thus, the more likely to stick with vaping.
Step #4 - Get e-juice that your future-vaper won’t be able to put down

One of the best aspects of vaping is the flavors. As you quit smoking, your sense of taste starts to come back and you are able to enjoy new and exciting flavors. This is why getting your new vaper a great flavor is so important! If the first thing their repaired tastes buds enjoy is delicious vapor, they are much more likely to stick with e-cigs! Keep in mind there are thousands of e-juice flavors, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

When buying e-juice for a current smoker or brand new vaper, include a tobacco flavor and other flavors they enjoy. Most people may start on a tobacco flavor then switch to something completely different, like pink lemonade. Once the smoker becomes a full time vaper, they will probably expand their juice tastes. 

Step #5 - Give them more resources

The best thing you can do is point them to where they can learn more. Find where your closest vapor shop is, grab a business card, and give it to your smoker. Direct them towards websites like the E-Cig Subreddit, or even the Vaping101 Subreddit, where they can continue to learn about vaping.
Ultimately, you want them to kick smoking and stick with vaping. So give them a few more great reasons to stick with vaping, like a gift certificate to Vapor Villa's Online Store.

Now, rejoice in your success!

Congratulations! You’ve done your smoker a great favor by introducing them to vaping. Now it is up to them whether or not they will stick with it. Thankfully, you’ve made their job much easier! So pat yourself on the back and give yourself a high five!

September 10, 2015 by Vapor Villa