Top 10 E-Liquids at Vapor Villa (Oct '16)

Top 10 E-Liquids at Vapor Villa (Oct '16)

We haven’t done our Top 10 E-Liquid list in a while so it’s time to bring it back! The market is flooded with delicious flavors and it can be a bit overwhelming honestly. Taste is subjective but let us present the Top 10 Best Selling E-Liquids at Vapor Villa right now!

Let’ have a look…


#10: Naked 100 – All Melon

Naked 100 is arguably the hottest fruit flavored line of 2016! All Melon is one of their newer products and it did not disappoint. This juice combines perfectly ripened cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon for one of the tastiest Naked 100 flavors yet.


#9: Monster Liquids – Cake Monster


Cake Monster came in hot and customers have been eating, I mean vaping it up! The perfect cakey strawberry vape. A rich tres leches, butter cake soaked in evaporated milk, condensed milk & heavy cream--topped with strawberries! 


#8: Naked 100 – Hawaiian POG

We told you Naked 100 has some killer fruit flavors. Super refreshing, Hawaiian POG was a great summer flavors but now proven to be great all year round! The perfect tropical blend of Passion fruit, Orange, & Guava!


#7: Sqeez Liquids – Strawberry Lemonade

We’ve had some great lemonade flavors here at Vapor Villa but Strawberry Lemonade by Sqeez has quickly made its mark. Not too strawberry, not too lemony, but just right. Got it? Good!


#6: Naked 100 – Lava Flow

Ok this is getting predictable! One of the original flavors from the Naked 100 line and a huge fan favorite. Grab some of this super clean and natural tasting liquid ASAP. This delicious tropical flavor combination of fresh strawberries, coconut, and pineapple intoxicate the senses and seduce the taste buds.


#5: Milkshake Liquids - Bananza Shake

The milkshake King, Milkshake liquids has this fruit and cream thing down! Bananza Shake is one of their latest hits. Grab the blender and toss in some ripe bananas and scoops of fresh creamy vanilla ice cream. Or just come grab a bottle of this stuff instead. No clean up required.


#4: Milkshake Liquids – Breezy Shake

Yup more milkshake please. This strawberry flavor really separates itself from 9 Million (solid estimate, maybe?) of strawberry flavors on the market. Breezy Shake has a thick inhale of delicious creamy milkshake, and exhale of fruity strawberry delight!


#3: Uncle Junk’s - Jon Wayne

Jon Wayne just wont die. The original and still King OG flavor at Vapor Villa. This flavor has been on our shelves for almost 3 years! Trust when I say that is almost unheard of. Insanely unique taste. Delicious blend of light tobacco flavor covered in sweet and savory tones.


#2: Charlie Noble – Charlie’s Custard

Jon Wayne would be proud to name this guy the baby OG. Charlie’s Custard has been a long time solid performer at this point. Another very unique blend of deliciousness. Enjoy this vanilla custard with a savory baked crust.


So darn good!  Drum roll please…….


#1: Golden Cookie E-Liquid – Golden Cookie

The cookie King is also King of this list! Golden Cookie has been absolute fire since earlier this year and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. A flavor that is simply not too much of anything, but just enough of everything at the same damn time! Based off the classic cookie snack that occasionally gets lost in the shadow of its chocolate counterpart. Golden cookie is here to prove which cookie really is King with this spot on goodness of sweet cream stuffed between two vanilla crisp cookies.


Hope you all enjoyed the read. Be sure to give these flavors a try, they’re certainly worth it.

Until next time. Vape on!

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wow! I wish I was a great writer like you, because trust me I am falling short off words to express what I am feeling after reading this blog post.
Naked juice flavors


Love all the Naked flavors except green blast. Great stuff!


Golden cookie and breezy shake! So freaking good!

Jason T

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