Choosing Your Nicotine Strength

Many of those new to vaping or those who may have recently started vaping have a tough time deciding what nicotine strength is right for them. While this article is designed to give some basic guidance for most, some may find the recommendations aren’t quite right for them. After all every vaper is unique. E-juice manufactures may vary but overall the most common nicotine strengths found are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.

At Vapor Villa we follow a general rule of thumb when making nicotine strength recommendations to our customers. Due to the large variety of cigarette types and strengths we base our recommendations off of the amount of cigarettes the customer is currently smoking per day. In addition we also take into the account the type of vape device which the customer will be using. So it is broken down into two groups as seen below.

When using an entry level vape setup (pen style starter kit):

  • 24mg = 2+ packs per day
  • 18mg = 1.5 packs per day
  • 12mg = 1 pack per day
  • 6mg = .5 pack per day
  • 3mg = a few cigarettes per day or for the occasion social setting smoker
  • 0mg = not recommended for current smokers

When using an intermediate to advanced setup (sub-ohm tank and/or dripper):

  • 24mg = typically not recommended
  • 18mg = 2+ packs per day
  • 12mg = 1.5 packs per day
  • 6mg = 1 pack per day
  • 3mg = .5 pack per day
  • 0mg = not recommended for current smokers 

Why is a lower nicotine level recommended when using a more advanced vape device? The answer to this is pretty simple. As you vape with a higher powered device the vapor production is going to be greater, much greater in some cases. This will provide a more powerful throat hit which in turn decreases the need for a higher level nicotine to satisfy cravings. For vapers using an entry level device and are interested in lowering their nicotine level, they may not always be able to do so as it could no longer satisfy their cravings. In this case upgrading to a higher powered device will almost immediately allow them to drop their nicotine by at least 6mg’s.

An added bonus to dropping nicotine levels is that the flavor of the e-juice tends to get better in the opinion of most people. However, racing to drop your nicotine level shouldn’t be a rush. First and foremost is getting your cigarette cravings under control, only after that should dropping your nicotine be considered.

Vape on!

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