5 Tips to Help You Transition From Regular Cigarettes to E-Cigarettes

Making the transition to E-Cigarettes can be tough. Here are some helpful tips from Vapor Villa.


In case you've been living under a rock or in a remote area of northern Siberia, e-cigarettes are the most useful smoking cessation method in existence. Even though many people have had great success, quitting smoking by switching to e-cigarettes in still a tough road for many. Some people are able to quit by vaping without trying too hard and others have to work very hard at it. If you are struggling to quit smoking even with the use of a vaping device then these tips are right up your alley. 


1. Have a backup battery or kit

Many entry level e-cig starter kits come with two of everything, for a good reason. One battery can be charged while the other is being used, or if your clearomizer or battery breaks you will have a spare. If your battery breaks or goes dead in the middle of the day it is very likely that you will pick up a cigarette instead of driving to your local vape shop for a replacement.


2. You decide your nicotine level - not anyone else

Select the nicotine level that is good for YOU. Don't make your choice based on the nicotine strength that "suits most people." E-Liquid manufacturers produce several different nicotine strengths so that the user has a lot of control over their nicotine intake. Nicotine choices range from no nicotine (0mg/ml) all the way to 24mg/ml, 36mg/ml or even, in extreme cases, 42mg/ml. There are some very important things to keep in mind when choosing  nicotine strength. One being that nicotine isn’t absorbed by the body in the same way or at the same rate as it is when smoking. It takes around 30 minutes of vaping 18mg e-liquid to get the same amount of nicotine in your bloodstream as you could by smoking a cigarette in five minutes. Some new e-cig users have claimed that 18mg is sufficient to stop the cravings. Many people need no less than 24mg e-juice. 

Another thing to consider is once you are able to make the initial transition away from regular cigarettes, it’s incredibly easy to start vaping e-juice with a lower nicotine level. Many vapers who begin with 24mg e-liquid will find that they are able to reduce their nicotine level as the upgrade their e-cig device to a more powerful option.


3. Hide your cigarettes (or throw them out)

It's going to be very hard to toss out your pack of smokes after buying your first vape setup, in fact you might not even want to. If throwing them away makes you nervous, then don't. Quitting very hard all by itself without the added of stress of feeling like you are locked in and there's no turning back. On the flip side, you don't necessarily want to give yourself super easy access to your cigarettes either. Smoking is considered a habit for a reason and your subconscious will be telling you that you need to smoke. The idea is to make your cigarettes accessible, just not convenient. Hide them in the trunk of your car, in the garage, in your shed, or anywhere that's not in your pocket or within arms reach. When it comes time to decide to use your e-cig or getting up and fetching your regular e-cigarettes you will be likely to make the right choice.


4. Try many different e-liquid falvors

As your taste buds adjust to not inhaling dangerous smoke, your sense of smell and taste will improve. The change might not come to you right away but over time you will begin to notice certain foods taste differently or that you can smell things that you couldn't before.

Finding good e-juice flavors is key to sticking to vaping. Tobacco flavors are usually the go-to when first switching, and for many people it works very well. In other cases people want to eliminate everything tobacco related and dive right into fruit flavors or dessert flavors. Be advised that tobacco flavors generally taste like leaf tobacco and not burning tobacco. Some e-juice flavors can get really close, but it's definitely not the same. Finding a good flavor is done through trial and error. E-Liquid that you enjoy when you first start vaping may not be enjoyable weeks or months later after your sense of smell and taste return to normal. Go to your local vape shop and make good use of their tasting bar. Remember that some flavors that might think would not taste good can be the ones that you absolutely love.


5. Get educated about vaping

It really helps to understand why vaping is a much better choice than smoking. It is very likely that friend, family, coworkers, and others will try to tell you that e-cigarettes are just as bad as smoking. If I had nickel for every time someone said to me, "you know, they did a study that says e-cigs are waayyy worse than regular cigarettes", I would be rich. Bottom line, e-cigs are not worse than cigarettes and many scientists say that second hand vapor is not harmful at all. Vaping may not be risk-free, but it is certainly much safer than smoking. Don't just take our word for it. Do your own research so that you can successfully rebut someone that says e-cigarettes are harmful.

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