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I think many us know someone who is or you yourself an, "I only vape Max VG, Bro" type of vaper. All with good intentions as you or they may simply be looking for the largest cloud production out of you vape.

By now you've noticed that many e-liquids are labeled with descriptions such as 50/50 PG/VG or 40/60 PG/VG and so on according to the propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) proportions included in the juice. However, there are many e-liquids that are simply labeled "Max VG" and many people take this to mean 100% VG. But is it really?  Likely not, and it's a good chance the last bottle of your favorite Max VG cloud monster juice is really just a 70VG blend. Sorry. Hey, it's all good, just keep enjoying that tasty vape!





 To make things simple: 100% VG indicates that the juice is made purely out of vegetable glycerin and/or distilled water with flavoring and nicotine (optional). Another way that you could view this is: 100% VG means that the juice (in theory) should be “PG free." PG is by far the most common ingredient other than VG in e-liquid.

"Max VG" is a term used by the manufacturer to describe their optimal PG/VG ratio or in most cases simply to hide the recipe details in regards to the PG/VG ratio used. Although it could mean 100% VG, it's very unlikely that it actually is as juices truly containing 100% VG tend to advertise it as just that. Max VG is a rather ambiguous definition because the max VG term could potentially mean 70% VG, 80% VG, 90% VG or even 100% VG, but it's completely up to the vendor to make this determination. So next time before you head to your local vape shop with the intention of only buying "Max VG" juice, understand that you may instead want to be open to anything with a VG content over 70%. After all, it's a good chance that's what you've been vaping all along. 




Even though PG is extremely common, being found in nearly everything from Kool Aid to blueberry muffins, some people are allergic to it when vaping. It's important for the consumer, particularly those who have PG allergies, to understand that "Max VG" doesn't mean 100% VG. It simply means that the manufacturer created a higher level VG blended juice mostly over 70%. 



Vegetable glycerin is a thick, sweet-tasting liquid. It gives your eliquid a very light and sweet flavor, while making huge amounts of vapor. It also gives the user an incredibly smooth throat hit. Vegetable glycerin is manufactured from, you guessed it, vegetables. Therefore it is considered completely natural and safe. VG is also used as a sweetener and in many products.

Even though VG gives off a sweet flavor, it does not contain sugar, and is metabolized by the body differently than sugar.

Propylene glycol, on the other hand, is very thin and tasteless unlike it sweeter counterpart in VG. PG is known to produce a stronger throat hit, and that is why some people favor it in their e-cigs, especially when initially coming off of traditional cigarettes.

PG is recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which is why it can be found in a variety of healthcare products from skin lotions to body products and as a preservative in foods.  



Most e-liquids companies mix PG and VG together because PG is a better flavor carrier than VG although VG provides a smoother vape. More PG = stronger throat hit; more VG = larger vapor production and softer flavor.  

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August 26, 2015 by Vapor Villa
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Luke said:

Not really true about vendors choosing how much PG to put in their max VG. Max VG should mean that the mix is completely VG besides any flavorings or nicotine that are in PG. If you are making a juice that has 20% flavoring which is suspended in PG then it is impossible to make more than 80% VG but if you make 80% VG then it is MAX VG. Adding a bit of PG to the mix to carry flavor more by itself makes the mix not Max VG


CHristian said:

That is not true Luke. MAX VG does not mean 100% VG. 100% VG is just that, not MAX VG. 99.9% of the MAX VG flavors on the market have PG in them.

Holly North

Holly North said:

VG has a sweet taste and is considerably thicker than PG. The hit from a high VG fluid is a lot smoother than with PG, making it more suitable for sub-ohm vaping. While nicotine and flavourings are commonly suspended in PG, some vendors are offering a VG alternative, to enable 100% VG mixes. I am using Ichor Liquid brand. It is quite good and totally 100% vg. you can visit at http://www.ichorliquid.co.uk/.

William Roman

William Roman said:

Wonderful write up.Thank you for sharing it.

Asim shaikh

Asim shaikh said:

I love vape

Chad Polly

Chad Polly said:

I have a NRG Tank with a switcher can I vape max VG (from vgod) in it?

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