How to Convince Your Grandmother (or anyone) to Switch to E-Cigs

Seeing loved ones puff away on nasty cigarettes can be pretty hard on you. It's also especially difficult to convince someone who has been smoking for the past 80 years (think Grandma) to make a significant change in their lifestyle. At Vapor Villa, we want to see people live longer and more productive lives so we decided to put together this guide that will help you convince people to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping.

Everybody knows somebody who smokes, and more often than not, the smokers are the ones closest to you. Whether they're a parent, a sibling, your child, or even your spouse, you can help them stop smoking by giving them information about vaping. But if you aren’t already an e-cig user, this can be a difficult task. This guide was designed with the non vaper in mind to guide you through this process.

Step #1 - Know what you're talking about

To introduce a smoker to e-cigarette, you need to be generally familiar with what e-cigs actually are and how they work. Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor from an e-cigarette, more commonly known as a Personal Vaporizer or shortened to: Vaporizer, Vape, or just PV. A vaporizer heats up E-liquid (a mixture of VG (Vegetable Glycerin), PG (Propylene glycol), Nicotine, and Flavoring) until it produces a vapor. The heated vapor is then sucked out of the device, into the user's lungs, and then exhaled.

There are tons of articles about the safety of vaping, side effects, and risk associated with vaping. The short version of those articles is: Second hand vapor is not harmful and they are, without a doubt, safer than traditional cigarettes. An extensive knowledge of vaping is not required for you to introduce a loved one, however having a firm grasp on the basic function of a vape device will help out tremendously.


Before you can convince your loved one to make the switch, you have to be confident that your method will actually work. There are thousands of stories by people who have quit smoking by using e-cigarettes. 

The reason e-cigarettes are so effective is: Vaping possess many of the same appeals of smoking. 

Such as:

1. Nicotine - It is delivered in a way that gives the user a ‘throat hit’ very much like the one felt while smoking.

2. The physical aspects of vaping is similar to smoking and allows a smoker to satiate their oral fixation.

3. The social aspect. Smokers enjoy their smoking circle and vapers generally enjoy meeting other vapers.

Simply put, if someone wants to stop smoking, vaping is an effective way to do it. 

Step #3: Get your smoker a starter kit
  2. I repeat, DO NOT get them an e-cig that looks like a REGULAR cigarette.

These are known as cig-a-likes and they absolutely terrible. Cig-a-likes are essentially a marketing ploy to get smokers to try them out. They are horribly ineffective and you will notice that many cig-a-like manufacturers are also part of the big tobacco conglomerate. Do not waste time or money on these things.

Now that we have established not to get a cig-a-like, let’s look at what you should get! The easiest things to do would be to get an all inclusive starter kit. We sell them here.

  • Make sure there are two batteries. You don’t want the smoker to go back to cigarettes because his only battery is dead.
  • Always avoid kiosks in the mall. These are the most overpriced and are generally poor quality.
  • Do not buy the craziest, most expensive, sophisticated mod you can find. You want them to have a vape that they can use immediately so it needs to be simple.
  • Conversely, do not buy the cheapest starter kit you can find. The higher the quality of the equipment, the less likely they are to run into problems, and thus, the more likely to stick with vaping.
Step #4 - Get e-juice that your future-vaper won’t be able to put down

One of the best aspects of vaping is the flavors. As you quit smoking, your sense of taste starts to come back and you are able to enjoy new and exciting flavors. This is why getting your new vaper a great flavor is so important! If the first thing their repaired tastes buds enjoy is delicious vapor, they are much more likely to stick with e-cigs! Keep in mind there are thousands of e-juice flavors, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

When buying e-juice for a current smoker or brand new vaper, include a tobacco flavor and other flavors they enjoy. Most people may start on a tobacco flavor then switch to something completely different, like pink lemonade. Once the smoker becomes a full time vaper, they will probably expand their juice tastes. 

Step #5 - Give them more resources

The best thing you can do is point them to where they can learn more. Find where your closest vapor shop is, grab a business card, and give it to your smoker. Direct them towards websites like the E-Cig Subreddit, or even the Vaping101 Subreddit, where they can continue to learn about vaping.
Ultimately, you want them to kick smoking and stick with vaping. So give them a few more great reasons to stick with vaping, like a gift certificate to Vapor Villa's Online Store.

Now, rejoice in your success!

Congratulations! You’ve done your smoker a great favor by introducing them to vaping. Now it is up to them whether or not they will stick with it. Thankfully, you’ve made their job much easier! So pat yourself on the back and give yourself a high five!

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Been trying to get my aunt to make the switch. I’m getting closer! lol

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