Coil Craziness - Thoughts About the Coil Craze

"What build you got in there, bro."

This is a statement heard around the globe in local vape shops on a daily basis. Coil building is a skill that many vapers practice on a daily basis. But why is there such an obsession with who can build the craziest coils? Shouldn't function trump fashion in this area? We did some research on the most popular builds, their users, and whether they do in fact provide more vapor and flavor or if they are just for showboating. 

1. Parallell Coil

This is a very common build used by many advanced vapers. It provides solid flavor and vapor production and very quick heat ramp up. It doesn't really take a special kind of vaper to use this coil. It's pretty standard. 

2. Inception Coil

We don't see too many of these come through the shop. Probably because they are a pain to build and you can get better performance with less effort from just about any other build. The Inception Coil is a "bro dude build" according to our extensive research.

3. Clapton Coil

This can be difficult for the new coil builder but it's definitely worth the effort. What built correctly the Clapton Coil puts out huge clouds and crispy flavor. The only real drawback is that they drink juice like a thirsty Armadillo (Armadillos drink a lot of juice, in case you didn't know). Overall, the Clapton Coil is an excellent build for nearly every situation.

4. Triple Parallell Coil

This one is pretty much not worth the effort. Just do a clapton instead. 

5. Quad Parallell Build

No, just no!

6. Micro Coil

Ok, back to reality. The Micro Coil is an excellent build for new vapers and those who like to keep things nice and easy. Our Coil Build Personality Profile System indicates that Micro Coil users are generally not risk takers, prefer stability over change, and wear glasses. 

7. The Diamond Coil

You get the same surface area with two standard 8 wrap coils, so... What's the point?

8. Vertical Coil

Some people say this build lets the juice flow into the coil easier, making a better vaping experience. These coils work pretty good in RDAs like the 454 Big Block or, according to some people, in the Hobo v2.1. 

9. Triple Betty Crab Coil

This coil is so rare that we have never seen it before. Legend has it that this coil was once built built by Rip Trippers but it put out so much vapor that the fire department had to be called out to the scene. The coil design was quickly locked away from the general public and all video evidence destroyed. 


Some notable coils worth mentioning are Stove Top Coils, Fused Clapton Coils, and Twisted Kanthal Coils. 

With temp control devices sweeping the market, we are wondering if people will continue to place a heavy focus on standard Kanthal builds. It seems that the coil craze has hit it's peak as even Rip Trippers has ran out of coil ideas. What's your favorite build and why? Tell us in the comments below. 

September 16, 2015 by Vapor Villa
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Adam said:

I’m really digging ni200 core claptons right now. I use twisted 28g ni200 as the core and wrap it in 32g kanthal for heat diffusion. Working great on my temp control box :)


AC said:

I always wondered about using Kanthal and ni200 together like that. Might have to give it a shot.


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avmaqapitok said: – Uminoose Esefeyuy


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