Vapor Villa's Hottest Juices (Sep 2015)

Every vaper is always looking for the latest and greatest, best tasting e-juices but with so many options in the e-liquid world it can be tough to find a winner. We decided to help you out by putting together a list of our current Top 10 selling juices for September 2015. Some may be around for only a quick 15 minutes of fame, some may be here for the long haul. Regardless, all are certainly worth a try!

#10 -  Meme Vapor | Good Guy Greg

Farm fresh vanilla ice cream mixed with cinnamon churros and sugar cone bits.

Good Guy Greg would be higher on list but since it's only been on our shelves for two weeks it was only able to crack the top 10. None the less it's quickly become a fan favorite. Great fall flavor!

#9 - Ruthless | EZ Duz It On Ice

Juice strawberry watermelon blend with menthol kick.

EZ Duz It On Ice has been a Vapor Villa staple for a while now. However, as of late it seems to have a surge in popularity. Must try for menthol lovers.

#8 - Cloud Sauce Vape Co | Cereal Milk Reloaded


Your favorite childhood cereal with a strawberry twist.

It's big brother, the original Cereal Milk is King at Vapor Villa. The reloaded version is not too shabby at all. In fact it's damn good!

#7 - Charlie Noble | Fruit on the Bottom

Sweet fruits picked at the peak of ripeness, and then complemented with a creamy, tangy, fresh yogurt..

Charlie Noble released their yogurt line a little while back. Fruit on the Bottom quickly became popular and it's fan base is sharply rising. Great flavor to compliment the recent yogurt flavor craze.

#6 - Lost Art | Space Rockz

Strawberry Kiwi Pop Rocks candy.

Space Rockz continues to be one of the best fruit and candy flavors on the market. It has a long list of loyal customers enjoying it's goodness!

#5 - Charlie Noble | Charlie's Custard

A rich, silky custard, homemade with a perfect balance of vanilla and baked crust.

Charlie’s Custard remains at the number 5 spot for the second consecutive month. Make's perfect sense as the word consistency always comes to mind with this juice.

#4 - Charlie's Chalk Dust | Slamberry

Farm fresh homemade strawberry ice cream.

Last month Slamberry narrowly made the list as it rounded out number 10 on the list. Always a go to juice for many, it seems to be gaining even more fans.

#3 - The Vapor Hut | Wookey Cookie

Graham cracker cookie topped off with whip cream and caramel drizzle.

The name is always comical and the juice is even better. Not an easy flavor to get tired of, even for those who vape it religiously.

#2 - Uncle Junk’s | Jon Wayne


A unique blend of sweet and savory tobacco.

When will this juice die off? Seriously. Jon Wayne is one of the original premium flavors at Vapor Villa since we opened our doors almost two years ago. Legend!

#1 - Cereal Milk | Cloud Sauce Vape Co

Enjoy sweet and fruity bits from your favorite childhood cereal covered in creamy milk.

"The Champ is here!" Once again. Yes, Cereal Milk has again rose to the top for the second month in row. No surprise really, the flavor is exceptional even among a saturated market of cereal flavors. If you haven't tried this flavor, you absolutely should!


There it is folks, our Top 10 E-Liquids of September 2015! We had some flavors the remained on the Top 10 from last month and couple new comers. Keep an eye on Meme Vapor as it seems their flavors are catching fire and will likely be on next months Top 10. Cloud Sauce Vape Co is killing the cereal flavor game at the moment. Big kudos to those guys!.  

Thanks for reading our monthly Top 10 E-Liquid List. 

Vape on!

September 21, 2015 by Vapor Villa
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