Winter Vaping Tips

Holiday season is in full effect and that means that temperatures are dropping quicker than Santa down a chimney.  With that being said, during the colder months there are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to vaping that delicious bottle of lemon pound cake or whatever it is you love so much.

Winter Battery Issues

Frigid temperatures and electronics are never a good mix as it can result in a lack of performance.  The most common issue is when e-juice and vape devices are left in a cold car for an extended period of time.  It is well know that the cold can greatly affect battery performance.  Not only will it decrease the charge capacity of your battery but the increased internal resistance due to low temps can decrease the power output as well. Especially for you cloud chasers as it will turn your fear of voltage drop into a reality.  Fun fact: Below -4º F lithium based batteries stop working entirely, although they can be used again once their temperature is restored.

The Juice Effect

Cold temperatures can greatly impact your juice as well.  While the cold likely will not permanently damage your juice the way heat can, there are still a few reasons to keep it out of the cold if at all possible.  The PG content in your juice will typically keep the liquid from freezing, however the cold will increase the viscosity making it extremely thick. This becomes quite the problem making it very tough for coils to properly wick the liquid when in use. Causing dry hits and prematurely burning out your 1 day old coil.  No fun!  If you’ve found yourself with a bottle of juice that’s been left in the cold, simply place it in a room temperature environment until it thins back out to its normal consistency.  Give it a good shake and then vape away.  Do not try to “heat” it back up as this will likely damage the liquid.  

Tank Troubles

Just as heat makes materials expand, the cold makes them contract.  This may sometimes cause leakage from your tank.  Tanks are equipped with a few rubber o-rings which help seal gaps and prevent leakage.  However, when these and other materials contract due to the cold it may allow excess liquid to seep through.  No one likes reaching for their vape only to then have a hand covered in juice!

How To Vape In The Cold

What if I have to be out in the cold for an extended period of time and need my vape? Are you saying I'm out of luck? Of course not, however you should certainly take some steps to minimize the impact from the cold.  Simply try to keep your juice and vape device packed in some warm layered material when not on use.  Always practice battery safety when storing and traveling with loose batteries such as a pair of 18650’s. Do so by placing them in a plastic battery case or other units that keeps the top and bottom contacts from touching any other metal objects.  Be sure to NEVER store your batteries in any sort of warming source such as hand warmers.  Applying direct heat to batteries is always a big no-no!  It’s recommended that when using a variable power device to turn your power down to help preserve battery life as battery life will already be sacrificed due to the cold.  This will also help your coil as it tries to properly wick juice that is now thinker then normal due to the cold.  Use these tips so you can continue to enjoy your vaping experience 24/7, 365!

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